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Basement Developments

Old basements can be renovated, unfinished basements can be developed.  The biggest impact to your home when renovated properly is a well planned out basement that everyone wants to be in. It is the cheapest square footage that you can build and it's already their for you waiting for the decision to be made. Call us and we can help with the planning.



Custom Millwork & Doors

Built in shelving or wall cabinets, custom trims, pocket doors, and hidden doors or storage is just some of the products that we can install to enhance or upgrade any area in your home. Solid core doors can be installed to give that executive high end look in any house including 7 foot and 8 foot door upgrades.



Door Installations

Coming home to a new front door will make you smile every time you see it. For security or efficiency, installing a new door will add to the look of the home and in some cases pay for its self in just a few years. Metal doors and frames can be installed for added security in your house or garage. Solid core doors for privacy, and sound reduction is common for master bedrooms and entertainment areas.



Renovation Budgeting

Budgets are important and to get them you need to understand the renovation business and the labor associated with preparation and installation. Just knowing the cost of materials is not enough. Knowing the different materials and applicable application is the key to a long lasting and functional renovation. We can help with budgeting and/or the renovation. We can also project manage if time is a problem for you. Call and lets talk, lets find out what works for you.



Kitchens and Bathrooms

These renovations are important to get right. Done right they will create spaces in your home that will provide the largest returns on a sale or bring the biggest impact on the look and feel of your home. This falls into budgeting and planning as mentioned above and will involve more than just cabinets, but will encompass electrical, plumbing, and countertop planning. We can help with all of it, including your budget.

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