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Our focus is in keeping your facility looking like new. We understand that your building’s appearance reflects your high standards in customer service. That is why we are committed to helping you achieve these results by providing any of the following services.

      Vacant Bay Inspections


Vacant tenant bays or building spaces should not fall on a low priority to do list. Empty spaces and remote mechanical rooms are important parts of a larger picture when it comes to building maintenance. We can provide you with a comprehensive check list of items that we will report on a daily, weekly and monthly schedule and fix on site while we are there, if need be after confirmation. Some of the check list will include heating systems, fire pumps, fire alarms, water traps and plumbing.

      All Maintenance

General maintenance on you commercial building will prevent total failure and expensive replacements. Here are some of our areas of expertise:

  • Adjusting doors

  • Caulking or sealing

  • Updating ceiling grids or tiles

  • Lighting (replacement or repairs)

  • Public washrooms

  • Emergency lighting

  • Vinyl or ceramic floor repairs

  • Structural repairs and wall repairs

      Tenant Services

As a landlord, building operator, or property manager you are busy and sometimes problems and people don't like to wait.

We can help! We have the skill set to handle most building issues and tenant personalities. We will diagnose the problem and call you to relay this information and could most likely fix something minor on site or provide pricing to do so in the future. If provided a contractor call out list we could also arrange for the work to be done if you are unavailable to do so. The  procedure is yours, the service is ours.

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