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Each modular safe room is customizable. The exact size of your unit falls under your discretion and the placement of doors, shelving and other creature comforts are completely up to you. Each safe room can be fitted with additional equipment such as video security equipment for your situational awareness and emergency supplies to support long term isolation if necessary.  We can virtually hide your safe room within your home by using existing rooms and door styles but once inside the room the primary security door will be closed leaving no way in for unwanted guests. We also can provide creative hidden entrances, like bookshelves and secret doors. A panelized safe room is also the perfect place to store sensitive documents, checking account information, deeds, contracts and jewelry!


Our premium steel safe rooms come in manageable steel panel pieces that can be easily moved inside your home and quietly assembled piece-by-piece. Every single safe room is hand welded to ensure maximum protection, so you don’t have to worry about your unit’s structural integrity succumbing to high winds, tornadoes or even bullets. The ability to retrofit existing rooms to a safe room installation is what makes our modular units so versatile and popular. With the addition of shelves, these unit can be easily transformed into a gun safe or vault without sacrificing any floor space for your family. Quarter-inch steel paneling offers an added layer of much-need protection.

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